Thursday, September 26, 2013

Crafty Wish Lists and To-Dos

The worst part of the wedding quilt, was that it forced crafty-monogamy.  I trucked through that quilt and surprised myself with how well it went.  This caused an extreme boost in confidence, then an extreme need to work on new and exciting things.  Unfortunately I had weeks left of piecing, quilting, and binding.

Now I have a list and stash of project fabrics that I need to get through.  Big enough that I need it written down.

Waffles attempting to help.  He is tangled in my foot pedal cord.

Things to Complete In the Near Future
  • Social Tote for Mom's Birthday (it's this Sunday!)
  • 3 Box Bags and 3 Origami Bags, from Amy Butler's Style Stitches, for Dad's Birthday (it's this Saturday!)
  • Make Christmas tree canvases.  One is for Sarah's Birthday
  • Start my Tula Pink City Sampler Sew Along.  I have the whole Acacia fat quarter bundle to get me started.  Yay for Raccoon fabric!
  • Take a long arm class at my local shop.  I got my mom a cooking class for mother's day, but she asked to do this with me instead.  I'm super excited.
A now-gifted Divided Basket I made right before "The Wedding Quilt"

Things to Complete in the Not Near Future 
(things I already have fabric or patterns or both)

Wish list
  • Berry Baskets and Fabric Trays
  • Decorate with handmade items.  I don't have a single pillow, throw, or wall hanging.
  • Make a quilt for my bed, I'm eyeing Swoon right now
  • Make a modern quilt/throw for the couch.  The wedding quilt would have been perfect.  Perhaps make a modern HST quilt.
  • Schoolhouse Tunic by Sew Liberated
  • I want a Feather Bed quilt so so so badly for the guest bedroom

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ponti's Wedding Quilt

I decided to make one of my BFFs a quilt for her wedding.  I made this decision exactly 5 weeks before her wedding.  I have no idea why I thought this would be a good idea at the time.  But in the end everything worked out OK.

I have only made 3 quilts previously.  Two of these quilts were identical for twins, so this is my third ever quilt pattern.  I pinned this quilt way way back and went from there.

I learned the hard way that matching triangle points is quite difficult.  They don't line up like regular corners!  I'm sure everyone else already knows this, but I hadn't thought that far ahead when I picked the pattern.  After ripping out the first few, I got it figured out. Once I got the corners down, everything else worked its way out.  There are a few not perfect points.

Size: 74x58
Pattern: None written, Heavily inspired by Rebel Amish
Materials:  Kona Cotton Solids in White, Navy, Azure, and Turquoise
Kaffee Fassett Shot Cotton in Sunshine
Feather Fabric is currently unknown - I will update when I go to the store
Started: 8/3/2013 (materials purchased) - finished 9/6/2013 

in progress


A long time ago there was another Rose blog.  I was pretty bad at updating it.  Plus, at the time I had a lot fewer hobbies.  

So here is "Rose Makes Things."  To share my knits and my quilts and my general house projects. Sometimes I might even try to sew something other than a bag or a quilt.  But don't hold your breath.  I am AWFUL at fitting.

And finally, I like the idea of keeping my brilliant "I'm going to do that Right Away" ideas written down.

Here is the place I make things, The Yarn Room.  It is a work in progress.